The new NEXO II drills are here and ready to meet the requirements of industry 4.0 and beyond!

The product family consists of two drills, an inline, and a classic T-Drill unit.

The project's goal was to design a new B2B drill that would be suitable for industrial use. Having worked on the industrial design of the original NEXO, Rexroth brought us on board early in the development phase to help with the product's overall visual identity and appearance.
In addition to providing consultancy in the overall design development, we suggested different approaches and design concepts throughout the project.

A detailed concept development phase led us to a series of CAD models that aimed at exploring the different possible shapes while maintaining a solid visual recognition of this product line.


It was easy for us to explore multiple solutions for this project because we all agreed on a future-oriented theme from the beginning. We went through various design studies regarding material choice, shape, and size to develop something innovative and still recognizable as part of the existing NEXO family.

One of the most important goals for this project was creating an innovative design with a "wow" effect. The key visual functional LED strips communicate the status to a user, giving them unprecedented visibility into what their drill is doing in real-time. This strategically placed illumination enhances the overall aesthetics and helps in intuitive daily use. 


In addition, the drill has a unique housing concept and a removable shell structure. By developing a product that could fit different users, tasks, environments, and hands without losing the experience or identity. We solved this by making ergonomic considerations for all dimensions.