With Smith's, our esteemed partner in the world of abrasives, we have collaborated to create an exceptional knife sharpener, 

featuring a widened base that provides stability and precision through a planted stance on the countertop edge.

To ensure unmatched stability and control, our design incorporates a non-slip base and the exclusive Edge Grip technology. These advancements firmly secure the sharpener in place, enabling precise sharpening with no unnecessary movement. It serves as the ideal tool for professional chefs and home cooks alike who prioritize maintaining their knives' sharpness.


With two pre-set angle slots, our sharpener offers versatility and convenience. The initial slot showcases a coarse diamond surface, effortlessly eliminating nicks and gaps from the knife's edge. The second slot features triangular-shaped ceramic stones, meticulously crafted to hone the edge to perfection, allowing a sharp and accurate edge on both straight and serrated knives.