With a single push of a button, noise in cabs of agricultural and construction machinery is actively canceled out, revolutionizing the operator's working experience.

With recalm, we have succeeded in materializing a holistic infotainment system that is stirring up industries.

Silencing noise, empowering users and industries

Noise at an inherently loud job site is not only an annoyance, it causes serious long-term stress symptoms, such as hearing damage, and increases the risk of accidents. 

In 2018, the Hamburg-based start-up recalm entrusted us with the exciting challenge of engineering the mechanical housing, incorporating sonic requirements, for their novel ANC technology.

We formed a multidisciplinary TEAM to tackle this project, followed by a customer-centric, progressive, and brand-aligned product design.


The stakes were high, as we aimed to achieve pre-production quality within three months, in time for the renowned Bauma trade show, which was only the onset of their remarkable evolution and expansion into multiple industries. 

Minimizing complexity, maximizing user satisfaction

Another aspect of recalm's cohesive brand experience was the development of a simple-to-use, intuitive user interface for the mobile app. We visualized the active noise cancellation process that selectively reduces disturbing low frequencies while preserving necessary sonic signals – such as voices – that are audible in a high quality. General settings and individual user-profile settings are comfortably controlled via a mobile app, reducing the interaction complexity and touch points to a delightful minimum.