Last Friday IFA Berlin finally opened its doors to the public again! The fair has always been an important showcase for new products presentations and experimental innovations, but this year was different.

Fewer new products and more emphasis on quality and sustainability. Here are some of our takeaways.

Sustainability, energy efficiency and preservation of resources. Meaningful interconnection and recycling of both technology and materials to keep the footprint of products as minimal as possible.

Many companies display sustainability as the central topic – reflecting the long-standing commitment to environmental and climate protection.

Visitors could discover and experience sustainability brought to life via the interactive Sustainability Alley: successfully demonstrating how user research, innovation, and sustainability as key drivers for product development can shape our living: from the initial idea to the finished product.

Interface Design Evolution 

Getting better and better – we have seen a lot more "hidden" interfaces: essential information is shown on "touch/swipe demand".

Digitalization and Smartification

Decoupling of physical and digital products. By now, you no longer need a PlayStation, for instance, it is entirely digital and accessible remotely. You can even change the controller!


The lines between hardware and software are blurring: software is becoming a physical entity that can be touched, turned on, updated and or purchased – remotely.

"While it was great to see new innovations from some of our favorite brands, we also noticed a more conservative approach to the products being shown off this year. This year's IFA was smaller, with fewer new products and more focus on quality. We also noticed a focus on economizing rather than convenience when it comes to smart home products and services."

Kai Gehrmann, Creative Director Brand & Strategic Growth at TEAMS

A picture is worth a thousand words: our pool of aesthetic design inspiration.

Samsung with some nice displaying and surreal product set up.

Color, Material & Finish at it's best