Bringing clean air to hard-to-reach places. 

With AirBotx, we are reshaping access to clean air. A portable, safe and cost-effective machine designed for commercial use in the cleaning and sanitation industry.

UV-C technology is scientifically proven to eliminate pathogens and volatile organic compounds safely. Their vision was to create a product that excelled in performance, flexibility, and convenience.

Central to this user-centric transformation was the strategic development of a unique brand identity. By communicating the core of the purification process  and advanced odor removal, we aimed to position them as a strong and distinctive presence in the industry through the prominent use of teal and grey.

The result? A bold and user-centric design featuring an integrated collapsible handle for effortless transport, removable optics chambers and cartridges, durable wheels for all surfaces, and a stackable design for bulk transportation. With joint forces we worked from the bottom up to create not only a product but a brand and an experience.

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