With Bosch, valuing and putting user needs at the forefront of product innovation is standard practice:

reducing the concrete nailer's weight by 25% was only on of our contributions.

The tools professionals deserve


There was an untapped demand in the American market, a need for a tool Bosch had yet to provide — a Concrete Nailer.


We played a vital role by providing UX design, ensuring ergonomic perfection for professionals who use the tool for hours, even overhead. We first tackled the most apparent thing: reducing the tool's weight by a remarkable 25%. Integrated parking feet help position the tool during operation, and thoughtful hanging hooks and tethering ensured convenience at every turn.

To make this tool truly fit the Bosch VBL and cater to the American market's unique preferences, we infused it with VOC desires, created different mock-ups and prototypes, and even flattened the top surface of the nailer for secure resting, addressing clearance issues with precision.