It is incredibly rewarding to create human-centered products and services that address real market needs and inspire markets.

Parallel, other gratifying results have come, such as design awards. We thank our partners for the vast amount of confidence in every single project which also encourages us to continue creating Products of Empathy.
oskar sonoro

reddot winner 2023 – OSKAR by sonoro audio

Enhancing dialogue while filtering out unwanted noise. Sleek, portable, and speech-optimizing in your home and entertainment environment.

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reddot and iF Award winner 2023 – Pressure Washer Platform Range K2-K7

It offers a complete lineup of products with 25% fewer parts. This range shares the same functional parts, reducing the carbon footprint. The boxy design allows for easy attachment of identical parts on different product sizes.

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Suntek 40V Lithium Garden Tool Range – 5x iF Award 2023

The Suntek 40V Garden Tool Range showcases a cutting-edge digital display, allowing for precise real-time monitoring of the machines and battery status. With the added benefit of IoT connectivity through a user-friendly app, users can effortlessly manage the product life cycle and efficiently plan their work schedules. Each product within the range has been meticulously developed with unique and dedicated functions tailored to its specific attributes, ensuring an elevated user experience.

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iF Award 2023 – Bosch Tronic 8500i

Bosch Tronic 8500i – a novel instant water heater that sets new standards in design and functionality. Blending visual uniqueness with highly improved installation usability sets this IoT-enabled product apart.

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Siemens charger

iF Award 2023 – Siemens SICHARGE D

SICHARGE D – the new era of flexible high-power charging. Visually striking, highly customizable, and iF awarded!

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iF Award 2023 – Siemens CLIMATIX HVAC Controller

Another iF award, this time for the Siemens CLIMATIX HVAC Controller, the perfect fit for heat pump and heat recovery applications in residential and light-industrial markets. 

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GIT Awards 2023 – Dräger X-node

Another one! This GIT award is another testimony to partnership: joint hard work, creativity, and dedication pay off.

With Dräger's New Business Development and UX-Team, we proudly present another win with the Dräger X-node. A wireless, cross-industrial gas concentration measurement and analysis system provide continuous real-time monitoring. Here's to many more collaborations and award-winning designs in the future!

Kaercher K2 - K7 GDA2020

Three times in a row: The fischer DuoXpand continues its winning streak with the third award!

For its innovative and functional design, the DuoXpand was awarded the German Design Award 2023, the reddot Product Design 2022 and Focus Open Silver 2022

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European Product Design Award 2022 – Sabbat JetPods

JetPods are semi-in-ear earphones that minimize audio degradation and connection lag for a superior listening experience. The ergonomic details provide a stable and comfortable fit for long hours of use.

A minimum of components with modular elements helps to keep costs down while guaranteeing color variability for future models - all encased in an iconic silhouette with seamless operation at an affordable price.


Red Dot Award 2022 – Johnson Controls Hitachi Cooling and Heating Icon Library

The Duality Design Philosophy was born to create a visual language connecting the air we breathe with people, ideas, and cultures beyond borders – a philosophy celebrating the global interconnectedness and power of technology to bring us together.

In close partnership with Johnson Controls Hitachi, we created a cohesive icon library that reflected this philosophy. Every icon was crafted with care and attention to detail, from simple shapes to intricate designs. And now, our hard work has paid off. The Hitachi icon library has won a prestigious Red Dot Award, and we couldn't be prouder. But for us, it's not just about winning awards. It's about telling stories that connect people and inspire change.

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Best Product 2022 – Rexroth Active Shuttle

Our long-term partner Rexroth has embarked on their next chapter of autonomous vehicles with us and was honored with the "Best Product 2022" award.

In a seamless, fast-paced exchange, both the product design and user interface of the ActiveShuttle were updated to include new, innovative functionalities, paired with an enhanced UX. For the 18th time, exhibitors received awards for their cutting-edge products that have significantly improved productivity, reduced costs, and streamlined processes in the internal logistics of businesses. The ActiveShuttle convinced the independent jury in the category "order picking, conveying lifting and storage technology".

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Red Dot Award 2022 – Johnson Controls Hitachi airHome

The Red Dot 2022 awarded airHome is a new residential air conditioning product family designed closely with our trusted partner Johnson Controls Hitachi. A co-existence in perfect harmony with human beings: the product's appearance builds upon the Duality Design Philosophy, driven by simplicity, intuition, and minimalism. 

The high-wall unit and controller front has a wavy surface as the signature characteristic.
Yet, the handheld controller's shape also acts as a functional element improving ergonomics for the most frequently used buttons. 

Jury Statement "The air conditioner impresses with a puristic design that harmonises with any interior style. Its high-quality finish visualises advanced air conditioning for a wide range of users."

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Kaercher K2 - K7 GDA2020

iF Design Award 2022 – Dräger HPS® SafeGuard

The Dräger HPS SafeGuard is the extremely lightweight helmet for fire and rescue services. Its innovative design combines optimal protection with the highest levels of wearing comfort. The main focus of the design was on optimal operability even in hectic situations and under the restrictions of protective equipment, as well as excellent ergonomics. Its sporty look, light weight and tailor-made accessories make the helmet a real all-rounder for any challenge.

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GDA 2022 Dräger HPS® SafeGuard

German Design Award Gold – Dräger HPS® SafeGuard

The "Dräger HPS® SafeGuard" is a particularly lightweight helmet for every firefighting and rescue mission. It's innovative design combines optimal protection with maximum wearing comfort. The main focus of the design was on delivering great usability even in hectic situations and under the restrictions of protective equipment, as well as excellent ergonomics. The low weight and tailored accessories make the helmet a real all-rounder for any challenge.

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GDA 2022 Weishaupt Biblock WBB 12-A-R

German Design Award – Weishaupt Biblock WBB 12-A-R 

The newly developed outdoor and indoor units of the new "Biblock" heat pump meet the highest requirements. The outdoor unit communicates high quality and stability. The design meets all architectural requirements. Aerodynamically shaped penguin lamellas make the unit very quiet. Clear, durable design with an ergonomically arranged control panel characterize the indoor unit. Operating elements under the high-quality metal flap are arranged logically and understandably.

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Kaercher K2 - K7 GDA2020

German Design Award Gold – Kärcher K2 & K7 Smart Control Premium

The Kärcher brand stands for outstanding high-pressure cleaners that make work safe, efficient, and comfortable. With the "Smart Control Premium" series, it succeeded in raising its own previous bar even higher. This guides users step-by-step through the cleaning process, which includes setting up the equipment. The extendable aluminum handle makes the cleaners very compact and mobile. And the housing, which is open at the front, allows various accessories to be neatly stowed away. A solid design that unmistakably conveys Kärcher's DNA and here knows how to combine high functionality standards with good user understanding.

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Good design award Kaercher 2021

Good Design Award Japan – Kärcher WRE 55–18 & KHB 6

Together with Kärcher's Corporate Industrial Design Home & Garden Products team, nothing seems impossible. Our collaborative success on the Weed Remover WRE 55–18 and the battery-powered Handheld Pressure Washer KHB 6 has been awarded with the Japanese Good Design Award.

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Good design award Hitachi

Good Design Award – Johnson Controls Hitachi Advanced Color Controller 

The Johnson Controls Hitachi Advanced Color Controller was bestowed with the prestigious Good Design Award Winner in recognition for outstanding design. This is the fourth accolade in a row for this product.


"Advanced Color is a wired air conditioning controller for residential and commercial spaces, featured with simplified navigation and aesthetics that integrates with interiors. The wave shape on the cover is an ergonomic benefit to a more comfortable touch angle."

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Dräger Parat iF Award 2021

iF Design Award – Dräger PARAT® 1200/1260

It's all in the size. The Dräger PARAT 1200 is the smallest escape filtering mask to date, providing you with ten full minutes to escape and save your life. It's suitable for people who wear glasses or have a beard. Its compact size allows it to be quickly slipped into a pocket or clipped to a belt using the integrated clip. The transparent box makes visual inspection of the device easy.

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STILL RX 20-16P Stapler champion 2020/21

VerkehrsRundschau "Forklift Champion" – STILL RX 20-16P / Li-Ion

VerkehrsRundschau has been carrying out practical tests on forklifts for many years. The forklift with the best overall rating in the last two years, the STILL RX 20-16, has now been honored with a prize as the Forklift champion. According to the jury, the latest generation of the forklift RX20 is the best forklift truck they have ever tested at the VerkehrsRundschau.

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iF Design award & Reddot Design award Hitachi Advanced Color controller

iF Design Award/Reddot Design Award – Johnson Controls Hitachi Advanced Color Controller

HITACHI air conditioning wall controller is a wired remote controller for residential and commercial spaces, created in successful collaboration with HITACHI-Johnson Controls Air Conditioning, Inc. Improved visibility on display, simplified navigation, and aesthetics that integrate with interiors are some of the characteristics of the controller. The cover's wave shape is a visual language and a user-tested ergonomic benefit to a more comfortable touch angle.

Learn more about the iF Design AwardRead about the Reddot Design Award
Good design award Hitachi

iF Award – Dräger UI Design System

Dräger Safety and TEAMS developed a digital design system based on Dräger’s brand identity, which, together with Dräger’s networked hardware, provides a complete and intuitive user experience. The system was designed to meet the needs of stakeholders involved in the development of UIs so that they are properly utilized. The system includes various settings, libraries, and coded components, resulting in a professional, effective solution with adept use of various design elements, such as color, font, signals, icons, and sound.

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Kaercher K2 - K7 GDA2020

iF Award – Bosch GWS 24 JZ/angle grinder

The new Bosch angle grinder is a product designed in collaboration with our long-term partners from Bosch for heavy-duty applications in metal construction. During these applications, metal dust and grinding particles are sucked into the tool's cooling vents, which eventually damage the motor and other internal components, leading to downtime and expensive repairs. CYCLON TECH addresses this pain point by providing integrated dust protection for the internal components. 

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