For soil productivity and pest control, small-scale farming operations use more sustainable methods than industrial farming systems

– to counteract a rapidly changing climate through regenerative land use and climate-smart agriculture.

Small-scale farming

Using fewer machines and more human labor characterizes agriculture on a small scale. A lot of our most valuable food products grow under these conditions all over the world. The technical equipment needed to protect the plants must be adapted and scaled down to units that can be carried by a single person. 


SOLO is rooted in the vineyards of the Stuttgart valley and is a specialist in plant protection whenever it comes to farming in difficult and narrow spaces. The brand's name is derived from that definition of a single person and is the leading brand philosophy.

"Our partnership with TEAMS allows us to successfully convert a general-use work device into an outstanding special product, meeting the high quality and innovation standards that are traditional to the SOLO brand, and which provides an exceptional value for the customer." 

Sascha Luft, Managing Director SOLO Kleinmotoren GmbH

Added value through ergonomics and battery power

We collaborate based on the process of understanding and translating local user needs into best-in-class solutions. Robustness and excellent ergonomics have been the focus of creating units forming the perfect bond between product and user. 


Our team supported SOLO in introducing and implementing a new generation of rechargeable battery devices. Compared to their previous gasoline-powered counterparts, they are smaller, lighter, quieter, and more sustainable. The devices deliver an exact dosage that you can target where it is necessary, ensuring an environmentally friendly spraying experience.