We've been looking into CES 2023 and viral product launched that emerged. Black mirror is reality, 

leaving us to question what's next. Here are the most prominent meta trends we conducted in collaboration with DALL-E.

1. Artificial excellence


The concept of AI and the Metaverse is growing beyond what we've heard. With technological advancements, we can go beyond work or play to integrate information into daily life. With the ability to create anything from existing data or something entirely new, AI is the next generation of technology and the internet.

The humanization of technical activation indicates a future metaverse that better overlaps with and compliments consumers'

physical lives and needs.


According to McKinsey, Metaverse could have a massive impact, possibily generating as much as $5 trillion by 2030.

"A photograph of artificial intelligence creating the metaverse." - DALL-E

2. Entertainment everywhere

With technology expanding, so is the space to relax and enjoy yourself. Companies are closing the gap on where you can take entertainment with AR, VR, and powerful handheld devices. Portable gaming devices are now powerful enough to match a computer and batteries last far longer: take your entertainment anywhere.


As consumer spends hours daily on their devices, the market is diversifying across dozens of new channels, platforms, and outlets, allowing content to reach and engage their consumers in new ways.

"3d rendering of gamification of everyday. life through mobile gaming, AR, VR, entertainment everywhere." - DALL-E

3. Intuitive tech

To stay competitive in the tech world, companies are exploring new strategies. Larger technologies like electric vehicles are becoming more capable of performing tasks autonomously. 


Smaller tech like phones and TVs can change shapes to the users liking. As AI  advancements make wireless tech more intuitive and perceptive, consumers' day-to-day lives become more accessible, convenient and automated.

"3d rendering of the automation of everyday life through hidden technology and smart intelligent products." - DALL-E

4. Superself tech

Health-wise, the last couple of years have been trying for each and everyone of us. Companies took these circumstances into consideration and diversified their portfolio. From tracking your health with scanners, improving accessibility for those with disabilities to reach a wider audience and be a part of their everyday lives or self-improvement apps. 


Brands are introducing exciting new ways for consumers to self-soothe and regulate their emotions and habits, right from their homes, which in return makes their products relevant for a wider audience.

"A polaroid of a human with health gadgets controlled through apps, focusing on person." - DALL-E

5. Sustainability and enviromental tech

Businesses of different sizes are advancing in product innovation, focusing on sustainability. With governments implementing regulations to combat climate change and preserve natural resources, companies are becoming more environmentally aware and working towards fulfilling their sustainability goals.


These efforts result in more precise, more robust, and energy-efficient products.

"A 3D rendering of a port with sustainable electric ships an sailing ships, green mobility, efficient." - DALL-E