Developed with the needs of firefighters in mind: the Dräger UCF® FireCore.

An innovative, wireless thermal imaging camera allowing for hands-free operation while maintaining a real-time visual connection to the environment. 

Traditional handheld thermal cameras pose a significant limitation: they require you to choose between a continuous view or having your hands free for tasks like clearing obstacles, rescuing individuals, or holding hoses. The objective was clear: to design an ergonomic solution for gloved hands that seamlessly merges with current firefighting gear. We integrated all the technical and UX requirements into a comprehensive product concept right from the start – and the result is not only functional but also visually impressive.

Collaborating with Dräger's experts, we achieved a rugged yet contemporary design incorporating advanced technology, all while reflecting their signature design language. 

Through our integrated approach, we devised an instinctive interface with accessible, glove-friendly buttons.

The helmet-mounted camera has been designed for easy maneuverability. Despite challenging situations such as crawling or climbing stairs, firefighters maintain a clear and constant view of their surroundings, even under low-visibility conditions.

The release buttons make it easy to attach and remove the camera. Plus, the accessible USB port makes it easy to transfer images and video to your computer.

Through the inclusion of the in-mask display as the second crucial component, the camera seamlessly integrates with the holistic system, offering real-time visual feedback, including the entire process and handovers between firefighters.