ORKA's unique vision and task at hand was not just about the product's look,

but about the impact it will have on users' lives.

"My personal battle with hearing loss sparked the idea to create ORKA, with a mission to better the lives of those going through similar difficulties." Xinke Liu Co-Founder of ORKA


Enhancing lives through design

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2018, ORKA is one of the first multinational startups to employ AI technology throughout the full lifecycle of hearing aids.


Lacking awareness and the low adoption rate of hearing aids globally, reveals that it's a universal issue. Users can't access the products they need due to barriers such as pricing and the availability of professional support.


Our user-centered approach was key in shaping their latest hearing aid, ensuring it went beyond aesthetics to deliver substantial value, making the product the brand ambassador. 

Employing design as a strategic tool, we harmonized soft, human-centric design elements with precision in technical components, including AI algorithms that enable denoising in hearing aids. Innovation was at the heart of our collaboration, with creative workshops and extensive 3D printing techniques fine-tuning proportions and enhancing overall comfort.