Sustainability, intelligent new structures, and the fusion of outdoor and fashion as well as ski manufacturers taking a backseat, highlighted the shifting sports industry dynamics and the emergence of alternative trends.

The ISPO is evolving, just like other expos, with a decreasing presence of major brands, emphasizing a shift towards a more nuanced and focused showcase.

Sustainability. Cleaner and greener is the new black!

Sportswear x Fashion x Culture = ISPO 520M by Highsnobiety. 

Padél on the rise in Europe: a relatively novel sport, a mix of squash and tennis, is on the ascent

Lightweight and translucent textiles: married with heating, cooling, illumination or health monitoring has become a standard practice.

ISPO offered an informative, interactive, entertaining exhibition program with a festival-like ambiance. Our exploration through the multifaceted landscape of sports design provided a good impression of the direction the industry is headed.