The ISH trade fair had a strong focus on showcasing practical solutions related to 

sustainable heating and air-conditioning technology, renewable energies, and smart home systems. But let's start with the beautiful first.

The 2023 ISH event featured an impressive array of practical solutions for industries to meet climate protection standards, conserve resources, empower customers, and create the highest benefits out of digitalization.


Merging savvy, water and energy-conscious products with as much eco-friendly industrial production as possible - this approach emphasizes the need to remain connected to nature and giving consumers options for conscious wellness. The major upheavals: building infrastructure offering highly intelligent and efficient heating, energy- and water consumptions. Heat pumps for everybody, literally. 

Any combination imaginable

Color variations in striking color shades are back, but subtle colors with mainly matt surface textures and many pillar-derived patterns take the scene. New bathroom products cater to trends such as boldness & provoking individuality or sanctuary & conscious luxury.

Colorful values and translucent undertones

Translucent materials for washbasins and bathtubs could be spotted in isolated cases - a clear upcoming trend!

Rounded serenity

After the last years full of angularity in interior design, 'roundness' has become a ubiquitous element in modern home decor. Unlike harsh edges that can create a sense of rigidity. 

The subtle curves and contours of circular design elements can elevate a space, giving it a more sophisticated and polished feel as well as instill a soothing energy and a feeling of tranquility.

Embellishing the default


Multidimensional individualization


Prominent manufacturers in the ceramic or fittings segment are expanding their range of existing and new products by a multitude in order to adapt to all customer wishes. 



...this allows them to create a design fusion between ceramic and fittings, with the all-encompassing goal of aesthetically uniting accessories and furniture to form the entire bathroom interior.