Much like the automotive industry, the outlook for construction equipment companies is equally bright.

Ecosystem facilitators are gradually replacing hardware-focused business models, here are some of our insights.

Innovative technologies are bringing about disruptive changes in the industry. Construction machinery and the underlying processes are undergoing a digital transformation that will disrupt this industry, as it has disrupted other industries in the past.


In addition to addressing CO2 neutrality challenges, the exhibitors also offered solutions to the shortage of skilled workers through automation and digitization.


Autonomy and visionary concepts

Autonomous construction equipment are still niche or in the prototyping stage at present. However, innovation is accelerated by market demands and manufacturers' dedication. 

Key growth segments for construction equipment manufacturers? Digitalization & Electrification.


Connected and construction machinery, zero emissions, new digital business models, electrification and 3D printing of buildings, all play a role in the future construction ecosystem.


We are shifting from a semi-digital construction industry and new solutions to an interactive and smart infrastructure for the construction site. The old world meeting the new.


The adaptability to different user profiles as well as autonomous machinery and digitized construction sites will significantly contribute to the consequences of demographic change within the industry, nevertheless it also has to meet the requirements of sustainability.