HITACHI TEAMS Air Conditioning Systems close up attached to white wall in office lounge

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HITACHI Air Conditioning Wall Controller

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Clean, healthy and comfortable air has become one of the most important factors in our daily lives. We should always feel comfortable in the air surrounding us, and it needs to be delivered seamlessly and effortlessly by our air conditioning systems. This was one of the key drivers during the development of the new HITACHI air conditioning wall controller as a single element of the entire system.

HITACHI TEAMS Air Conditioning Systems mounted on wall being operated by hand
HITACHI TEAMS Air Conditioning Systems close up attached to white wall

Seamless, Effortless, Simple

Effortless operation means that interaction is simplified down to the roots so that the user is able to walk through the steps easily, and this happens with minimal visual and interactive elements. Simplicity is key, yet it needs to be logical. The overall layout is transparent at first glance, with straightforward steps, thanks to the logical operating process and clean icons that reduce visual confusion.


The screen follows the same simplistic approach with minimalistic visual elements, keeping key information as clear as possible. The colors are chosen to be meaningful and dedicated to different functions and modes. The layout prioritizes the primary data, such as the temperature and the selected modes. The size of the visual elements allows the user to see the key information from a distance.

Portrait of Levente Szabo


“Avoiding unnecessary styling, we designed the iconic appearance to please the user by creating a “waved” shape on the front which allows users to approach the operation area of the controller better”

Levente Szabo, Vice President Design & Strategy, Project Lead

Shaping the air

The controller is the primary interface of the entire air conditioning system. Yet, users want to have an object that blends-in with their environment and architects or interior designers wish to hide controllers in a space as much as possible. It is a challenge to shape an object which is able to blend in yet become an iconic element of the brand.

The overall shape is simplistic and elevated from the surface to create a lightweight appearance.

HITACHI TEAMS showcase of air conditioning system in a hotelroom next to a freshly made bed

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