Keeping in time
with an Iconic
Car Brand






Fast and Furious Concept Exploration

Market research led the team to create personas that would guide a fast and furious concept exploration – from the cool dad who craves adventure with the family, to the career-oriented maverick who plays as hard as he works. 

Looking at Different Personas

Through the lens of each of the varied personas, a wide range of products was styled and examined for functional innovations, including sunglasses, tech and audio accessories, toolkits, and travel bags. Each idea integrated high-quality materials and a performance-focused, timeless aesthetic influenced by the lines and angles of the cars themselves. 

Celebrating the Essence of the Brand

As we collaborated with a variety of departments throughout Dodge, we narrowed down the many concepts to a single quintessential anniversary product package: a premium timepiece and essential automotive toolkit. 

The high-end wristwatch served as a perfect physical metaphor to celebrate the brand’s long-running time as an icon of Americana, while the toolkit catered to its driver-oriented spirit. With functional components and design details that tie seamlessly into the design cues of Dodge’s seminal models, the limited edition products pumped some adrenaline into the commemoration of a classic century of car design.