The winning formula? Internationality, strategy and user-centered design. 

For more than 30 years, we have been contributing to Siemens' global mission to prepare the industry for the digital age. With success.

Strategic design in industries

Siemens' unique brand values always express the highest quality and usability.

Projects are defined locally while being managed and supervised globally. We ensure thorough quality management on various levels at every step along the way. With rotating teams, we oversee the entire product cycle, from the initial user requirement briefing to the final product launch.

Siemens' signature for industrial leadership

We make product quality visible, the user experience tangible, and thereby create products that are real brand ambassadors. True to their core values, yet ahead of their time. Dynamic, durable, sustainable and significant – design values that speak volumes.

"Design is one of the essential ingredients for the integrated value chain of Siemens products. By fully integrating Design, Siemens customers will experience the value of the high-performance products they have purchased."

Frank Zeitler, Industrial Design Management 

Siemens AG