PERLab was created to distill and develop new business models.

The Product Excellence and Renewal Lab fuses our experience and knowledge in product design with Kearney's operational expertise to transform products for the better – from the outside-in.

Companies are under increased pressure when it comes to a product's profitability potential – How can I launch innovative products faster and introduce useful features while lowering costs or increase revenues?

Partnered to build innovative and strategic solutions

From strategic portfolio concepts, technical product analysis to creative ideation, we have partnered with leading consulting firm Kearney’s PERLab to become a creative powerhouse for enhancing business value and future proofing strategy. As a strategic design firm, together with PERLab, we find ways to significantly improve our client’s business by finding value propositions that go beyond the typical boundaries of product development. 


This holistic approach can be implemented throughout all phases of product life cycles. By unifying business consulting, product design with real user needs, we are able to meet and exceed expectations, while cutting down on costs. On a global and local scale.

"Saying that our 5+ year journey with TEAMS has been fabulous would be an understatement of what we have achieved.

Bringing strategy and design together with the best of both worlds and creating value for clients can be summarized by just one visual, "clients clapping at the end of a day-long session." Our partnership has a singular focus: create value for our clients with an e2e view of their products, from concept, what consumers care about design, technology, supply chain, sustainability and business models."

Bharat Kapoor

Global Lead PERLabs (Kearney’s Product Practice)

PERLab provide a proven, scalable methodology to implement real design expertise, strategic consulting, and user-centricity - profitably. Within interdisciplinary workshops with our clients, we are able to maximize revenues through comprehensive consulting and analysis.

We tear products down, literally, physically. Why? To build them back, stronger, better, faster, or more economical. We expose the untapped potential for improvement – with no negative impact on the value. By uncovering how a product can be better-built while cutting costs, we unlock new routes and choices to enhance the design value in areas, previously unobtainable.


Through our global presence in platforming, user experience testing, visual conceptualization, and technological prototypes, we have brought numerous untouched opportunities for international brands, increasing their margins by 15 to 50 percent.