We Are a Full-Service Agency With a Holistic Approach

TEAMS Mindset

Our Mindset

We see design as brand-strategic: as the moderator of a dialogue. To us, products, services and user experiences are ambassadors of the brand; they speak on behalf of their brand. Products represent the closest and most sustainable contact with people, so what they express, is what the brand expresses. The stakeholders form an opinion on the products and thereby empower the brand with meaning. Our role is to strategically moderate this dialogue by understanding the process and providing the right input. In doing so, we believe that real and true improvements can be implemented in the fastest and most acceptable way.

Our Three Columns of Innovation

For us, design is the best tool and means to create a better tomorrow. We see ourselves at the bottleneck of innovation, so designing is about combining strengths and composing something tangible, fascinating and beautiful, regardless of the basis on which we started. That is why we love every project, be it the smallest product design or the most complex long-term strategy. Sometimes the smallest details offer the opportunity for the greatest improvement.

To meet our commitment, we work on three levels: Our Innovation strategy looks at a brand, its markets, and its customers, and develops strategic goals and long-term measures. UX & Design Research dives deep into the world of customers, markets and trends to discover the hidden treasures. And finally, our Design Realization uses all this information to create successful and compelling products, which are not only real and experienceable ambassadors of their brand, but also make a valuable contribution to our world.

What Do We Mean by Empathy?

Empathy is the capacity to feel what your counterpart is feeling and, more importantly, to react accordingly. It is what set us apart and distinguishes us as humans. We consider this quality to be essential for great design. From our analogy of design as a dialogue, empathy is the basis that conveys knowledge about what the dialogue is and will be about. Going back to products, this gives us the exclusive ability to design experiences that truly reflect people's dreams, feelings and needs: products of empathy, products that have a positive impact.

Our Thought Process

Every client has different expectations of a project, to which we respond with our unique flexible process. Our goal is to provide solutions that matter and to realize their full potential. Our constant curiosity, our experience and our creativity allow us to navigate through the variety of tasks that each project entails.

At first, natural curiosity urges us to learn as much as we can about our client and everything related to the project. This enables us to plan the project in detail and develop a productive project strategy together with our client. This set guarantees the confidence and freedom to achieve truly innovative, surprising and ground-breaking results.

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