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Product design and architecture have formed a strong partnership for decades at the family-owned company WEISHAUPT, one of the world's market leaders in state-of-the-art heating systems.
Since 1987, WEISHAUPT has relied on the design expertise of TEAMS Design. Inspired by the Bauhaus tradition, TEAMS Design developed an unmistakable, timeless and elegant design language oriented towards architecture. On this basis, we are still creating excellent and modern designs for new product generations after 30 years. Throughout that time, the personal involvement of Mr. Weishaupt in the design process has guaranteed the high quality of the design of all WEISHAUPT products.


WEISHAUPT’s brand is based on reliability and thus expresses customer orientation. Making a clear statement and high promise are guidelines for WEISHAUPT. This sentiment of reliability and customer orientation is also part of the DNA of TEAMS Design.

“In the early 60's our company founder made contact with the most important designers from the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Ulm. The principle formulated by the Bauhaus, ‘Form Follows Function,” has been a natural part of our product development ever since.
For many years now, this work has found its consistent, successful continuation through Teams Design. This is convincingly expressed in the numerous awards as a testimony to the sustainable, high quality of our products.”

Dipl.-Ing. Siegfried Weishaupt

“Working for WEISHAUPT is something very special for me. Mutual trust and respect as well as design coordination directly with the company owner, Mr. Weishaupt, characterize the development and are our drive for highest design quality.”   

Hans-Peter Aglassinger, Managing Partner TEAMS 

“Working for WEISHAUPT is a special honor for me. The unique design language is timeless and modern at the same time. With precise details, clear functions and perfect proportions, we succeed in expressing WEISHAUPT's high quality standards in product design.”   

Isin Fidan, Senior Designer TEAMS 

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