Wearing it
with Confidence


Changing a Paradigm

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Visual prejudices against hearing aids still prevent many people from using them, although they would highly improve their life quality. We were invited to collaborate with Sivantos Group and one of their brands, Signia, on the design of a unique, modern hearing aid system that would have the potential to change paradigms.

New Archetype

It is important to understand the user’s reluctance to use today's hearing aids first, then analyze the visual associations that come within such systems, before starting to work on any design. The customer's feedback showed that a significantly slimmer, and more ergonomic hearing device would be highly appreciated while maintaining outstanding sound quality was eminent.

Signia Styletto

The outstanding partnership with Sivantos paved the way to this new brand ambassador and an upcoming, entirely new product portfolio. Right now, just two months after release, Styletto has a market response that is exceeding expectations by far.

“An important and empowering device gets a strong bold design. The appearance of this hearing aid communicates a strikingly positive and confident identity. The clarity of execution and the outstanding combination of materials for each element is overtly impressive. The flat proportions communicate a strong sense of precision and value.”

-Gold Statement, IF Design Award 2019-


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