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Hamburg, home to both Bergamont Bikes and TEAMS, is an urban cyclist’s paradise and on the cusp of becoming a Smart City, dedicated to greater mobility and sustainability. It is the perfect testing ground for new ideas in bikes and design. After finding an amazing team of like-minded design and cycling enthusiasts at Bergamont, the deal was sealed: TEAMS would create the next generation of e-bikes for Bergamont.

Putting Ourselves Behind the Wheel

Drawing on inspiration from hip bikes coming out of Holland and our own imaginations, we dreamed up an e-bike resembling those Dutch bikes, but with enough dynamism to match the more fast-paced lifestyle of Bergamont's hometown. To make sure we were all headed in the right direction, we took to the streets with the Bergamont team to take a closer look at Hamburg’s bicycle culture, coming back to the drawing table with fresh ideas. 

Relating to Cyclists' Needs

Our impressions were key to the next stage of development. We noticed that men and women were riding bikes interchangeably without regard for the marketing intent of that particular model. People were not only venturing out for fun, but to run errands throughout the city quickly, comfortably, and in style.

“There was another observation that stood out to us: it was the fact that people assosicated their bicycles as a sign of individuality and even more - an emotional object - sort of like an extension or symbol of their individual lifestyle."

Oliver Keller, TEAMS Hamburg Creative Director Strategy & Product

Connecting the Dots

After getting up close and personal with cyclists and the city, we brainstormed through a series of workshops with Bergamont to narrow down our target group and design concepts. The verdict was in: we were set to design an elegant, top-of-the-line, unisex e-bike for upwardly-mobile city dwellers — the kind of e-bike that gives its owner an emotional and uplifting feeling. This bike in particular would highlight an entirely new concept for the brand as the embodiment of urban lifestyle on two wheels.

Designing a Two-Wheeled Beauty

We put our heads together to create a sleek overall look. Not only for the frame and exterior, but also for its Bosch motor and battery, components that our team had already designed with our long-time partners Bosch. With an up-close perspective on the design intent of the Bosch components, we were able to integrate them into the frame for Bergamont seamlessly.

“We spent time together looking at how we could integrate the motor and battery. In our minds, the motor wasn't something that should be an add-on, but more or less seamlessly integrated into the bike. It was important to us, that the form and proportions of the bike took on a good balance."

Ulrich Schweig, TEAMS Hamburg Managing Partner

Praise from the Streets

Following an astoundingly successful launch, the E-Ville is making waves across Hamburg and throughout the rest of the world. A 2015 recipient of the Red Dot Award for Bicycle Design, the new model has been praised for its unwavering achievements in excellent design.

At TEAMS, we see the topic of e-mobility creating a profound impact in the world of design. Looking to our future needs in mobility and creating better solutions through design is a pivotal part of our shared culture and has continued to keep our relationship with Bergamont at full throttle.

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