Hang it Up


Our design team guided the development of an innovative mounting system from TESA, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive products. The project’s scope is putting smart glue at the center of a DIY revolution. Together with TESA, our teams are changing user behavior, one project at a time.

User Experience Research and Mounting

As a most basic step, we researched how people decide to hang objects on walls. Together we looked at what challenges users face in a range of scenarios including: preparation, household, decorating, and lighting fixtures. The composition of different wall materials was also taken into consideration.

Watching people and hearing their stories shed light on one of the longest-standing desires of humankind: to shape their environment for functional or aesthetic purposes by hanging things up.


When most people decide to mount something on the wall, the first question – the what – is easy. The second part – the how – is much harder. Then - similar questions start presenting themselves, “My walls are hard and the nail is already crooked. And still not in the wall. Should I try it with another tool?” and the, “If I have to keep trying other methods will I create dust and noise? Might my neighbors complain? Why can't I get this right the first time? Is it too late at night to be working on this project? And – will I ruin this wall for good?”

Even when it’s the simplest kind of decorating it can cause all kinds of stress.

Together with tesa we looked at innovative solutions that would help our users avoid stress and actually enjoy the process of decorating and maintaining a home. The clever fastening system provides an easy attachment to both smooth and rough surfaces, including ingrained wallpaper and plaster.

Technical Development

The power strip is first glued to a subsurface. Once carefully pressed, the glue is secure. The glue nail is then firmly pressed onto the power strip. The form of the glue nail shows exactly where to apply surface pressure.

The goal of the project was to further develop the power strip technology and to open up new fields of application. Today, tesa has developed its power strip adhesive technology as a core competency. Our strategy, design, and engineering specialists researched architecture, bionics, mechanics and materials to create a product with maximum strength and reliability.

Hanging Up Made Smart

As a user experience and design company, we continuously experiment with projects that involve mounting and fixing. From our own experience, the process can be somewhat challenging. With tesa, the system is changing and we can safely say that it’s easier than ever to mount objects without hassle, noise, dirt, or hiring an interior designer. 

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