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The Yield

Agriculture Under Siege

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As our world’s population continues to expand, the need to substantially increase food production to feed humanity becomes essential. Yet even the crops we currently support continue to be vulnerable to ever-increasingly volatile whims of the weather. The Yield, an agricultural tech startup out of Tasmania has been developing original solutions to address these global concerns.

Sense-Making Systems

The core of The Yield’s service is providing more accurate and extensive data collection methods, helping agriculturalists to understand more intimately factors which are affecting their crops. The end-to-end farm sensing platform features advanced Sensors and Soil Probes for collecting information, as well as advanced AI Analytics and Apps for agriculturalists, leading to faster and more informed decision-making on their farms.

Trusted Global Partnerships

During the course of the project, TEAMS was recommended as a design collaborator by The Yield’s technology and manufacturing partner, Bosch (partners with TEAMS for over 60 years). We flew to Tasmania to meet “The Yield” team and begin collecting User Experience Research from local farmers and agricultural experts in the field. While there, key insights were made in understanding the project’s environment as well as the needs and uses of farmers and growers.

Protecting Valuable Data

Our challenge in the project was developing a housing concept to protect the data-collection nodes and their valuable info throughout continuous data transmission cycles. The housing had to be impermeable to the wear and tear of any weather conditions in order to provide reliable, non-interrupted data flows. TEAMS was also able to provide expert insight into manufacturing and assembly techniques to ensure highly viable product development.

Landscape Image with The Yield data-collection device

In The Field

The process leading to a solution was fueled by the high level of engagement and expertise with The Yield and Bosch. Through an exciting and intense collaboration with all those involved, we were able to not only develop a great variety of innovative solutions but also to develop detailed technical prototypes in order to conduct field testing. After successful field tests, the system has been launched onto the market and is already proving its potential for worldwide impact.

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