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WMF is specialized in high quality kitchenware and are experts in transforming the culinary experience. The company has successfully combined the latest trend of ‘guided cooking’ with the healthiest form of food preparation, the process of steaming. TEAMS worked in close cooperation with WMF, developing the graphic user interface of the app for both IOS and Android technologies.

Nadine's Guided-Cooking Trial

Without being warned in advance, I was told “Nadine, you are going to prepare a meal with fish, potatoes and vegetables in our test kitchen.“ In the past, I’ve experimented with one ingredient in a steamer – but I honestly had no idea that it’s possible to prepare several ingredients at once with individual cooking times.

Ok, let’s get started! Just as usual – wash the vegetables and cut them to size, peel the potatoes and slice them. So far not a problem.

Consulting the app to help me, I find a list of visualized ingredients, to find my way quickly. The explanation is super easy and all it takes is clicking the ‘add’ button. So easy! Optionally, I may consult some sub-menus to trim the process down to the finest details, but instead I’m pretty set on using the standard settings for my first go.

Alright, now I can really get started with the steamer. The app instructs me to fill the base with water. My first thought: Ok, this app was really made for men! It’s impossible to get this part wrong.

While the Steamer works - I am free

The timer shows me that I have 35 minutes until everything is prepared and I realize that I am relieved of my supervisional duties and I don’t need to stand by the steamer and wait. If I was at home, I would have already started to set the table or maybe I would have done something completely different around the house.

No problem, I can just step away. I am relieved to know that the app will ring when everything is finished.

Dinner is ready! And from the first bite, I can tell that the ingredients are well done for an outstanding meal. It even seems to look like a work of fine art on my plate.

Stress-Free and Easy

My final thoughts: cooking has never been so stress free. Especially when I have company at home, I always have that sneaky feeling that at least one thing won’t turn out the way I would like. But with the Cook Assist © app and the VITALIS © steamer there is no way to get it wrong.

I can definitely say, that it will be the first thing wish on my list when I move into my first apartment.

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