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Providing a Better User Experience in Healthcare

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Getting the patient mobile and preventing falls are the key components to the recovery process. To help patients become mobile quickly without falls, TEAMS and Stryker researched how nurses, technicians, and patients interact with current seating and beds in hospitals and why.

In addition, hospital administrators and hospital interior designers were interviewed to better understand their needs in terms of purchase criteria, aesthetics, and hospital layout.

Following the research, TEAMS ideated around new concepts that improve both the patients' and the caregivers' experience, all allow for a quicker recovery time. The end result combined many unique features otherwise not found in the patient room.

Powered Safety Features

One of the most important clinical benefits that the team created was a powered feature that allows six different positions. These positions allow safe patient transfers from bed to chair or chair to bed, with less reliance on the strength of the caregiver.

Another position, the stand assist, helps a technician get a patient back on their own two feet safely with proper hip and knee alignment. Each feature and the interaction required was carefully thought through by the combined project team.

Another important innovative benefit is the chair’s integrated chair exit alarm to alert staff when a patient is getting up on their own or falling. This allows staff to respond rapidly to potential falls, helping patients get treatment faster.

“A Breakthrough Medical Invention”

As hospitals strive to improve quality and safety, the Stryker and TEAMS collaboration, TruRize, was singled out by the Innovation Celebration for its innovative thinking and advancements to the healthcare industry. 

Michael J. Alkire, chief operating officer of Premier Inc., host of the Innovation Celebration said, “This event honors visionary disruptors that have created breakthrough medical inventions to improve care quality while reducing total costs.” TEAMS is proud to have contributed to the user experience as well as the advancement of healthcare safety through its partnership with Stryker.

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