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Providing a Better User Experience in Healthcare

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Recovery is a process. Assisted patients' mobilization is an essential step in the right direction as it can significantly accelerate rehabilitation. 


An important part of this is innovative medical inventory, such as nursing chairs, lounges, and ward beds. The TruRize® developed by Stryker and TEAMS combines many unique features into a nursing chair, setting new quality standards in the industry.

Intensive UX with Everyone Involved

Anyone who wants to help patients with technologically innovative medical products first needs to fully understand the entire clinical workflow and immerse themselves in nurses, doctors, and patients' everyday lives. This analysis can then address the apparent problems, identify less obvious needs, and reveal their potential.

"Structured prototyping and mock-ups are an essential success factor for the meaningful weighing up of feedback. If mock-ups depict scenes that appear implausible for the test subjects, it falsifies the feedback and makes assessment immensely more difficult."

Kai Gehrmann, TEAMS Hamburg Creative Director

Added Value for Patients and Staff

The most important criteria were improving comfort, trust, and safety for the patients, as well as simplifying the work processes and thereby offering a real added value to the staff.

Technological medical product design is obviously influenced by other stakeholders who play decisive roles, such as the hospitals and interior architects. Efficiency, profitability and investment cost – all criteria that decisively influence the product design.

TruRize® Nursing chair – designed to make you mobile. Award-winning: The collaboration between Stryker and TEAMS and the innovative TruRize® nursing chair was honored at the 2017 „Innovation Celebration”.  


"A ground-breaking medical advancement."

Andreas Bell, TEAMS Chicago President, Creative Director

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