Smart City Energy Solutions

Siemens Facility Management

New Steps in Understanding Energy

Smart Cities Interface Design Branded Interactions 2017 Hi & Low Fidelity Prototyping City Grid Connected Cites Software System


As cities tackle issues of sustainable, renewable energy sources, the push to understand & handle our energy more responsibly becomes a necessity. Siemens, as one of the leading global innovators in the distribution of electrical power, approached TEAMS to work out an interaction concept allowing energy facilities to remotely understand and improve energy distribution in a connected city.

Managing the Power Flow

Siemens seeks to continue shaping the power grids of the future. Innovative solutions enable new possibilities for understanding the way energy in cities are consumed. These insight trigger new ideas in how to conserve, regulate and be more socially responsible in the way energy is spent.

Bringing the Data to Life

The challenge was set to develop a conceptual software for visualising complex data that energy management facilities are faced with daily. How to visualize and navigate energy consumption information based on regions, cities, blocks, and single apartments as well as individual apartments.

Additionally, what would an ideal interaction be for Energy Management Facilities to directly inform individual residents of their energy consumption and how best to optimize their in- home energy for reducing wasted electrical output?

Energy Flows in Motion

In the end, we had the opportunity to develop a prototype of an all-in-one digital context for Energy Management Facility Managers to overview and understand various metrics on energy consumption. Another great feature was developing a mini-prototype of a consumer facing application to directly dialogue with their Energy Provider in how to maximize their energy benefits.

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