Charging Into the Future


High-Power Charging System

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We teamed up with Siemens to design a charging system that lets users focus on the most important thing: enjoying the journey and getting to their destination.


The world is making extraordinary leaps in the development of electric-powered transportation design solutions. Nevertheless, the standard time it takes to charge an electric vehicle is something in the range of 4-8 hours and quite an inconvenience in case you’ve decided to take a longer road trip with only a partially charged tank.


This is why Siemens approached us with the task of designing their fast-charging station for electric vehicles. Their Fast Charger is able to re-charge vehicles up to 80 percent within 20 minutes, in turn making long-distance e-powered travels realistic. 


Siemens wanted to have an iconic, simple and intuitive visual appearance, combined with improved usability to clearly show that the future of charging is here – today.

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For over 60 years, TEAMS has been supporting global brands through industrial design projects that not only look good, but truly connect with users. We look forward to connecting with you on the road to the fourth industrial revolution.

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