Setting Noise Aside


A Healthy Relief in Noisy Environments

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Loud and frequent noises at the center of working environments are stressful, lower productivity and can lead to serious illness of users. The Hamburg-based start-up recalm has developed a sophisticated active noise cancelling system that significantly lowers harmful sound levels in agricultural and construction machinery cabins, radically increasing the life quality of the user. With the push of a single button, noise is literally switched off - without headphones or earplugs!

The Power of TEAMS

Recalm and TEAMS formed a partnership to develop an adequate product- and interaction design for this technology, visually and technically fulfilling the requirements of its environment, target group demands and brand vision of recalm.

Starting with innovation engineering for the mechanical housing, incorporating all sonic requirements and followed by a customer-centric, progressive and brand-aligned product design, recalm's requirements also included the design simple-to-use, intuitive graphic user interface for the mobile app, all design touchpoints have been developed and elaborated in one multidisciplinary team at TEAMS.


Making the design project even more demanding, recalm and TEAMS commitment was to drive the project after the initial ideation to a pre-production quality of all components for the upcoming Bauma, the world-leading trade show for off-highway equipment - within 3 months.

Fading Out Only the Noise

Only the disturbing low frequencies are reduced, important sonic signals - such as voices - are still audible in a high, original quality. General settings and individual user-profile settings are comfortably controlled via a mobile app, reducing the interaction complexity and touch points to a delightful minimum. It is a great example of perfectly matching Interaction- and interface design.

Rapid Prototyping - the TEAMS-Style

Within only several months, TEAMS was able to support recalm with full-functional, mechanical engineered prototypes, smoothening the way for recalm’s first public appearance at the worlds leading Off-Highway trade show, the bauma in Munich in April 2019.

The ANC system with its progressive product and interaction design was successfully presented there and stirred a lot of positive attention.

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