The Radio


Research shows that listening to music on the job increases happiness and bolsters productivity. That’s why tough, heavy-duty radios are a staple on jobsites everywhere, because whether you're painting drywall or welding girders, music makes the job go faster. We worked with Bosch to make their existing jobsite radio, the Power Box, better, stronger, and smaller.

New Power Box - New Experience for Today's On-the-Job Worker

The new Power Box integrates today's varied technologies — including MP3 players, thumb drives, and satellite radio — while protecting the components from harsh conditions. In addition to pumping tunes and powering up tools, this radio would need to survive storms, spills, debris, and drops. Research revealed just how much abuse a jobsite radio must withstand: they're thrown in the back of trucks, coated in sawdust, and left outside through all conditions. We looked into how we could take the Power Box's iconic form — a cube surrounded by a roll cage — and make it endure even better.

A close examination of the inner components allowed us to place them in a space-efficient arrangement and take inches off the overall dimensions — even with more components than its predecessor. With a smaller footprint, we worked at beefing up the roll cage.

Power Box 360 Goes Viral

The lightweight rubber and aluminum bars absorb shock so successfully that Bosch enthusiasts have started creating viral videos of the radio surviving beatings with baseball bats and even being launched with a trebuchet.

A jobsite radio wouldn't be complete if it didn't power and charge your tools. The four GFCI outlets are safe for anything from heavy-duty tools to cell phones or laptops.

To power up cordless tools, the battery charging bay recharges 14.4V and 18V lithium-ion batteries. If there's no power source available for the Power Box itself, these same batteries can power it, making it ideal for outdoor jobsites or camping.

The Power Box 360 has become a staple in our busy studio, finding a much beloved home among our designers and engineers. It’s no wonder our clients like doing business with us – our Power Box keeps our spirits high year round – proving that music really does make the world go round.

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