Shaping the Automotive Future

NXP Semiconductors

The Vision of Autonomous Driving

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The automotive industry has been developing self-driving cars for years. It is an open race to be the first name in the history books.

NXP, a silent hero of this race, is providing the automobile sector with innovative solutions and new products, enabling the autonomous car of the future.

Small Components, Big Functionalities

NXP Semiconductors manufactures microcontrollers and processors for a broad range of technical purposes. Their products, among other things, guarantee a safely connected vehicle, smart connected solutions, end-to-end security, and power efficiency.

NXP circuit board close-up

We communicate their advantages and don’t get lost in technical details. We create the right engagement for the right audience at the right time.

Discovering the Full Possibilities of Chips

We have been collaborating with NXP for the last four years helping them to approach their target, connecting the technology with the world and showing their component's relevance to the automotive industry. We explain NXP's vision to the world by developing scenarios and use-cases.

Stories Within Stories

Starting with semiconductors, we design a world of possibilities, we communicate through universal stories with clear purposes addressing the most profound emotions. We use NXP technological features to shape the automotive future.

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