Depicting the Potential of Pocket-Sized Products

NXP CES 2018

From Tiny Chips to Big Experiences

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NXP innovates in a world of future possibilities. Constantly developing the technologies that push the global automotive industry forward is a task in itself. It makes sense though how easily one might struggle to create convincing stories about what these innovations are, how they work & why they are important when your primary products are only a few centimeters large.

Understanding the Audience

NXP isn’t interested in communicating exclusively with auto manufacturers. Rather, the whole spectrum of auto enthusiasts, engineers and policy influencers are target groups that not only need to hear what NXP has to say, they need to be spoken to differently. This insight indicated the need for multi- layered storybuilding systems, to communicate the various enterprises of NXP to users with a variety of motivations (from being entertained, enlightened, convinced & sold to).

Crafting Tailored Experiences

With future trade shows in mind, where the interactive exhibition and concepts would be unveiled, three distinct communication elements were developed to interact with spectators at varying levels of technological adeptness. The system had to be a flexible & modular architectural system optimized for various room layouts, while allowing for uniquely tailored and diverse interactive experiences.

Stories Within Stories

The architectural forms created an environment of unified forms, which became the playground for users to immerse themselves in the automotive technologies of NXP. Users could choose which level of depth to engage with, from the entertaining possibilities and applications of NXP tech, all the way to product specifications & live demos.

From making cars autonomous with advanced sensors & A.I. algorithms, to connecting every part of the car to various digital communication systems; From tech enabling manufacturers to maximize in-car customizations, to delivering curated content to every passenger, flexibility in design enabled wide ranges of content & storylines.

Bringing it All Together

Being able to step inside of the interactive automotive playground we had designed with NXP at the CES Tradeshow was a worthwhile milestone. Maybe it was the city of Las Vegas that rubbed off on us, or maybe it was seeing the vision and story of NXP come to life in a united message: “We are realizing the best future of automotive technology, today!”

Projects Like These...

... are an endeavor of labor and love. The complexity of the topics and technologies involved were an honest challenge, both to understand as well as to convey. However, the outcome of not just imagining what the tiny semiconductor chips of NXP can do, but seeing the potential of a whole family of technologies working together to improve interactions between humans, cars and the global environment was well worth effort. TEAMS is happy to partner with NXP to see the future innovations of the automotive industry become a reality!

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