Multimedia Conferencing

Bosch Security Systems

Bosch Security Systems challenged TEAMS to design a line of multimedia conferencing products that improve the communication experience for communicators of all ages and technical backgrounds for both the host and the participants. In addition, Bosch wanted the products to share a unique form factor to set them apart from their competitors.

A very diverse user group ranging from younger participants with greater exposure to modern communication devices all the way to seniors with physical limitations that are less familiar with technology, required a full scale user experience design approach throughout the entire development process.

In order to improve the product category, a collaborative team of designers and engineers shared their expertice in close proximity during multiple creative workshops with Bosch. Intermingling focus group using high end three-dimensional models, market likes and dislikes were constantly filtered back through the design process in order to achieve products that have a small footprint, are perceived as high end audio devices, and have an optimal user experience.

By collaborating with the customers as well as the technical specialists within Bosch, Dicentis is designed to be the best in class communication and portable experience whether it’s taking place in a multi-use hall or a historic building at a moment’s notice..  The set up and usage is designed to be easy, intuitive, scalable, and interference free in a highly flexible manner. The Dicentis family has won three prestigious Red Dot Awards for the successful integration of technology, flexibility and user’s needs.

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