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Tetra Pak

Shelf appeal is one of the single most important factors when it comes to packaging design today. Following significant research in the dairy sector, Tetra Pak identified a younger group of healthy and eco-conscious consumers. Together, we built a design story that connected their lifestyle with Tetra Pak’s sustainable mission.

If you’re already familiar with Tetra Pak’s packaging, you’ll know that they are characteristically square, efficient, and sustainable.

What most people don’t know is that Tetra Pak not only sells the packaging, but the filling machines as well. These highly complex machines are able to fold, glue, inject the mold, and fill the carton bottles instantaneously and in one fell swoop. Designing packaging for such a sophisticated manufacturing process meant that we’d have to strike a balance between firm technical restrictions and true design innovation.

Creating the Story

Here at TEAMS we are convinced that designers are storytellers who use shapes, materials and colors in place of words. These strengths helped us to create a visual story centered directly on the target group.

Research pointed out that Tetra Pak’s young and eco-conscious target group considers environmental factors when purchasing products. These kind of details helped us to create a story that combined Tetra Pak’s sustainable approach with the lifestyle of millennials.

Adapting the Story

Translating a story into a real product and keeping it alive throughout the process is one of the main challenges in our daily practice. Looking more closely at the target group attributes: young, trendy, active, and health-conscious inspired us to focus on an elegant figurine. Our design team created a seamless transition between the plastic top and cardboard sleeve, revealing a lush flow from top-to-bottom – giving the carton bottle a one-of-a-kind and uniquely elegant appeal.

Keeping the Story Alive

A key part of our expertise at TEAMS is driving projects from start to finish. We partnered with Tetra Pak from the user research phase through first ideation sketches and mockups all the way to CAD modeling and implementation support. This ensured that despite the tight manufacturing restrictions, we could keep the key design element – our story – alive through the entire development.

The Value for Tetra Pak

Together, we designed a bottle that characteristically carries the Tetra Pak values – but also moves the company into a new generation of carton bottles.

Tetra Pak has now been able to develop a stronger position in the growing market segment of liquid dairy products. Skånemejerier, the leading producer in southern Sweden, recently switched from PET to Tetra Pak. It is the first company to sell their drinkable yogurts in the TetraTop 330 Mini Nallo - with more to come.

We are happy that the elegant look and sustainability factor accord well with Tetra Pak’s mission to offer millennials healthier, more authentic, and greener lifestyles!

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