Enhancing Interactions
in Production Processes


Glass Production Software

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LiSEC offers innovative solutions in the field of flat glass processing and finishing, including machines, software solutions, and services. LiSEC and TEAMS worked together on the re-design of their software for glass processing.

A New Software, Modern & Modular

TEAMS supported LiSEC with interface and interaction design for their glass processing software. The main goal: Improve the usability and make it into a modular and modern system, from the customer service application on desktop, all the way to the production phase, directly on the machine.

Addressing User Needs

With the redesign of the software, we met the needs of different kinds of users. Users who take orders, plan the production from a desktop computer and deal with significant amounts of information, and users in the manufacturing area, who control the machines using touch screens, with different interaction needs, therefore a different user interface.





In the end, TEAMS developed the basis of the new LiSEC software with improved interactions. We created a complete UI Kit, and with it, a comprehensive GUI manual to serve as a guide for further development of the software.

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