The Importance of Keeping Cool, from the Driver's Point of View


Air Conditioning Design

Air Conditioning Mobility Product Design User Experience Dometic

Keeping cool is an essential part of well-being, specifically for truck drivers on long-haul journeys. While a cooling unit is just one feature of the truck’s cab, TEAMS created a design with the driver in mind versus just adding another device to the vehicle.


As Dometic reenvisioned air conditioning unit that would offer truck drivers more comfort and reliability, TEAMS leveraged their user experience processes directly investigating how trucks drivers perceive their needs in order to operate their vehicle in comfort.



"We found that today's long-haul truck drivers prefer cabins that share an equal level of comfort and luxury as private cars. The cabin must represent a professional environment during the day, whereas at night, drivers turn the same space into a cozy dwelling that makes them feel more at home."

Kai Gehrmann, TEAMS Hamburg Creative Director

Portrait of Kai Gehrmann Creative Director Strategy & Growth

Being in the driver’s seat – literally gave our UXD and design team a window into this user’s world. Today’s drivers are looking for simple yet sophisticated solutions that provide them with greater comfort in their working environment. 

Interior Ambiance

Our strategists, interface and industrial designers, created the final COOLAIR RTX hand-in-hand with Dometic. This revealed a new level of high-quality interior ambiance combined with a dynamic and automotive inspired exterior design. This results in seamlessly integrating into current truck interiors and relates to the design languages of today’s leading truck brands.

“Everything – from outside to inside, from the user interface down to the finest details, including the position of the graphics were carefully placed with driver’s preferences and needs in mind,” said Kai.

“Although this product has only been on the market for a few months, it is already clear that its impact is overwhelmingly positive.”

Product Manager for Climate Control, Dometic

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