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Kärcher Air Purifier

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Kärcher saw a new opportunity to provide cleaner air to Chinese families. TEAMS collaborated with the Corporate Industrial Design Home & Garden Products' team through the design process to provide a top-performing air purifier that Chinese users could trust quickly


As more Chinese families look to protect their loved ones at home, research suggests that their concern for better air quality is rising steadily, and not just among the well-heeled. More families are sharing concern for the environment and protecting the quality of air in their homes.


TEAMS shared in on Kärcher's clean air mission to guide them from the first sketch to the final product. In an attempt to match Chinese families' desire for the cleanest air possible, we conceptualized a heavy-duty purifier that would supersede the competition through high performance. Going further – we envisioned a purifier so strong that it would be capable of cleaning an entire villa – by itself.

"We envisioned a purifier so strong that it would be capable of cleaning an entire villa – by itself."

An Luo, TEAMS Shanghai, President

Some of the product features include an easy-to-understand interface and a light guide that indicates air status at any given moment. Kärcher’s air purifier has two robust filters, differentiating it from standard one-filter purifiers. Our engineering team worked diligently to optimize its efficiency and make it a top performer.


Together with Kärcher, we identified a growing need on the market, came up with a strong concept, and created a high-quality purifier that quickly gained users' trust. So quickly, in fact, that the air purifiers have been flying off the shelves since their launch.

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