Five Decades
of Trust


A Long History and 200 Appliances Later

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With so many years of intertwined history, we’ve always been able to anticipate what’s next for Kärcher – the world's largest manufacturer of power washers and pressurized cleaning systems. Keeping them full steam ahead at every turn is what makes our long-term relationship so enriching for both sides.

Supporting Kärcher in fulfilling the promises to their customers has always been a positive experience. And together with their Corporate Industrial Design Home & Garden Products team, we have developed a comprehensive line of steam appliances, ranging from basic entry-level devices to sophisticated high-end machines.

Since our partnership, we’ve developed over 200 appliances, bringing both success in the international marketplace and critical acclaim. Kärcher products have won over 100 major awards, including the Business Week's Design of the Decade award in 2000.

Creating the Best Cleaning Experience

Cleaning has become an adventure with increased usability, improved ergonomics, accessory storage, and intelligent cleaning programs. We created the “heroes of everyday life”, and accordingly, people recognize the Kärcher products as powerful, refreshing, straight!

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