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Strategic Design

True Innovation is a Complex Story

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Innovation is a journey and cannot happen in a day. Real innovation is a complex story. At TEAMS, we believe that true innovation is only possible if we follow the process from the very beginning, to the final result, whether a physical or digital product or service.

Diverse Team, Diverse Perspectives

Our diverse team setup allows us to approach a project from many different perspectives.

  •  Needed are researchers who scope out the fields where the innovation happens, help us gain empathy, and support the investigation of new trends of society, market, and user behaviors.
  • Needed are creative designers to shape the future vision and help the transition from an idea to something tangible.
  • Needed are creative engineering solutions to allow true innovation to come to life and be as efficient as possible.
  • Needed are strategists to envision the path and coordinate the process for the team to follow that path.


As it is complex from our point of view, as complex it is from our partners and client’s side, concerning many stakeholders.

“Empathy is a key element of our collaboration that leads us through from both sides to really create a seamless journey, even when it looks very challenging to push through the core ideas.”

Levente Szabo, Vice President Design & Strategy (Shanghai Office), Global Strategy Director.

A Tailored Approach for Each Business Model

Each partner of ours has a different reality, setup and business model, so tailored approaches are crafted to understand individual needs and possible ways of creating Innovation models.

In China, for example, local players have ambitious goals to both be successful in the local marketplace as well as to be competitive globally.

On the other hand, many global players see an opportunity in the colorful playground of the Chinese market. Our multinational team with different layers of experience and competencies, may lead both strategies to a successful stage where true innovation can start to happen.

A strategic approach can identify the most important areas to focus on, starting with research to form a vision, from which may be created a strategic investment plan and schedule for the rest of the project.

This process ensures that the right amount of investment goes to the right place during the innovation process. Long term collaboration ensures sustainable growth but always finds the most efficient way to realize it.

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