Innovation at an Industrial Scale


Decades of Innovation in all Areas

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Since 1980, on all levels, the collaboration of STILL and TEAMS is intense and fruitful alike. From brand strategy to scientific studies like the CubeXX to design concepts down to designing the counterweights to fit the last gram, challenges are met with joined forces. TEAMS has been working for STILL on a holistic level, constantly pushing brand, technologies, design and user experience one step ahead of the market.

A Tireless Approach

Creating a captive design and making a product a great experience for the user means understanding all influencing factors thoroughly. We get granular from the whole portfolio to the last screw. Design being the needle eye, we take care of a fluid knowledge management to assure a closed chain of information.

Solving Challenges in Every Sphere

A B2B brand must be perceived holistically. But for keeping a leading position and being inspiring to customers and market alike, research and development have to take place on multiple levels, not just creating new and thrilling, but in fact, effective, cost-aware solutions with the perfect user experience and safety of operation. Over the decades, we’ve been able to understand STILL inside and out from logistical warehouse design to designing and engineering commercial vehicles.

Innovations in Various Products

Since the beginnings of our collaboration with STILL, we have sought to find fresh new innovations at every level. STILL has grown as a result of the innovative advances found in every part of their product lines and individual commercial vehicles. Here are just a few of the latest cutting-edge advances made with a few STILL projects and commercial vehicles on the market.

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