An App that Helps Students Learn How to Save a Life

3B Scientific App

When it comes to teaching students how to save a life, getting it right the first time is critical. Partnering with 3B Scientific, we developed an app complete with sensors and a test dummy that would aid in emulating the resuscitation process.

One of the biggest challenges for our team was finding a way to combine all important information on one screen – and in a way that both students and teachers could easily comprehend. A part of that was showing how well students moved through the right actions during the process, recording them, and then evaluating them.

More studies are showing that education systems will increasingly turn to interactive learning as a way to boost engagement levels among students. By embodying the resuscitation process in an app, students are able to truly see the results of their life-saving attempts, empowering them to make a difference in a critical situation.

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