Enhancing User Experience through Autonomous Systems

STILL iGo neo

User Friendly Automonous System

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By connecting man and machine - routines can be simplified – creating a safer and more intuitive workflow. The Intralogistics specialists, STILL, know the value of autonomous systems, and with the release of the STILL iGO neo CX20, our collaboration has helped them to be the first company to implement an unmanned robotic order picking system for mass production.


Interactive Communication of Man and Autonomous Machine

Creative brainstorming by the team leads to the new name - iGo neo – capturing the innovative new generation of order picking assistance.

With the established range of STILL CX order pickers as our model, our team came together and envisioned a highly innovative and new autonomous system that would greatly benefit workers in their tasks. Keeping user experience at the forefront of our design thinking phase - we quickly ideated futuristic concepts that would alleviate users and processes.

One of the ideas - the 360-degree signal unit - pulsates like a heartbeat at the top of the iGo neo.

Its purpose is to give the user direct feedback of what the truck is about to do – and makes working next to the vehicle more user-friendly and fun. This means that the truck is not only following the user in a passive way and avoiding collision; but proactively communicating with the user, synchronizing actions more quickly.

The iGo neo was designed with a nonverbal and easily recognizable interface so that it can be used across all cultures, age groups, and languages without any tedious prior training. The bumper - robust and automotive - protects the highly precise sensor system, which scans the dynamic and static environment at any given point.

Paving the way to an entirely new means of working, the user can focus completely on his or her task while the vehicle follows and supports as needed.

The Future of Order Picking - The STILL iGo neo CX 20

The iGo neo CX 20 was awarded as the "Best Product of the Year" in the category "order-picking, conveying, lifting and warehouse technology" at the Logimat 2016.


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