Holly Talks Dremel

Dremel Rotary Tool

Versatile, Compact, Refined

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Precise and powerful is exactly how TEAMS Senior Industrial Designer, Holly Howes, describes the Dremel 4300, a newly launched rotary tool developed by our team for DIYers and professionals alike.

Dremel tools are meant to empower makers and provide the versatility for numerous applications. Our team worked closely with Dremel to come up with something that would communicate the tool's top performance and ergonomic strength in its product language.

“As someone that has used Dremel tools in my personal work in the past, the most rewarding part of developing the tool came from the development process,” said Holly.

During the design process the team aimed at getting this more powerful motor into a compact and ergonomic form as possible. Many visual tricks were used to make it seem a lot less bulky too, as well as slight changes to the surface to help with the grip. The Dremel 4300 includes new features to help users with precision, including a pivot light and electronic speed control.

At TEAMS we are always looking for versatile tools that provide a lot of power within a compact form. Helping DIYers  and professionals get just this with the Dremel 4300 was a project close to our heart and resonating well with Dremel’s broad fan base. Already this year, the tool has been included in the ‘Best of Buyer’s Guide & Reviews 2017/2018.’

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