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To make the time spent in the kitchen more pleasant and fun, WMF wanted to encourage not just kitchen lovers but for everyone who ever cooks, with practical tools to be experimental and creative without ending in chaos. With that claim in mind, we were invited by WMF to design three kitchen gadgets for their “Hello FUNctional” series.

The Convenient Way to Cut Vegetables

When we designed the Spiral Cutter, we thought about reducing time and effort when cutting vegetables. This cutter’s smart feature is the blade that can be reversed, producing various curls or just a single one. This is an easy and clever way to include more vegetables at the dinner table without struggling when cutting thin slices, for example.

Chopping is Safe

Our Kitchen Knife, as all knives from WMF, has a premium & long-lasting sharpness, resistant to corrosion. Our goal for this FUNctional series was to create a product that would protect the knife’s blade from dullness through contact with cutting surfaces. The knife itself includes a retractable blade guard as part of the handle, thus increasing safety and eliminating the need for a knife block on the cooking table.

A Practical Casserole Stand

The Casserole Stand was designed to protect tables and surfaces when placing hot pots for serving meals. This kitchen artifact holds magnetically to the bottom of the pan, avoiding direct contact between casseroles and cooking/serving surfaces. Foldable for space-saving storage and safe standing is the smart feature of this gadget.

Hello FUNctionals

We were impressed by the diversity and innovativeness of all the smart kitchen gadgets in WMF’s Hello FUNctional series. All of the kitchen tools are designed to offer a particular sense of functionality and practicality under the same stylish design concept. Well done WMF!

To find out more about these fun and practical kitchen supplies, or any other products in the collection, click here.

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