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Working Together For Life-Changing Vision Care

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TEAMS joined the “See Change Challenge” by Essilor Group, to improve the lives of millions of people who cannot see the world clearly. “ClickCheck” is an easy-to-use, low cost, scalable solution that facilitates access to vision care.


Bringing Good Vision to Under-Served Communities

Over 2.7 billion people still live with uncorrected poor vision and its social and economic consequences. 90% live in developing countries, and lack access to basic vision care solutions. Poor vision is the most widespread disability in the world.


TEAMS Chicago participated in Essilor’s See Change Challenge motivated by the opportunity of designing for a good cause and help many people. It was of extreme importance that the solution could reach places beyond the reach of trained personnel and could also be easily used.

“The desire to improve lives speaks to us as designers and engineers… Like most people I am sure, we were shocked when we heard the staggering statistic that 1 in 3 people cannot see the world clearly, but excited that TEAMS could help do something about it.”

Paul Hatch, TEAMS Chicago Partner.


Projects like this are clear evidence of how design and innovation can push boundaries and improve people’s lives. We look forward to helping to build a holistic solution that can make a lasting impact along with Click Check.


“Designing for truly unmet needs of people is rewarding by itself. With Essilor, we meet this challenge with an easy-to-use device that helps improve billions of people’s eyesight – a clearer vision for their future.”

Andreas Bell, TEAMS Chicago President

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