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Click-Check: Seeing Clearly

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In developing countries, access to eye care is a big challenge. Even though there are organizations providing free or affordable glasses, 2.7 billion people live with poor vision because of their lack of awareness or access to vision screening.

Big Challenges

In many small, rural villages around the world, people struggle to work, stay in school or support their families because of their lack of eyesight. Although there have been a few innovative devices to provide vision screening to developing countries, none seemed to solve the complexity of the problem truly.

To combat this global issue, TEAMS partnered with the optics company Essilor to design a smart solution that can bring awareness and vision to these 2.7 billion people.

“The desire to improve lives speaks to us as designers and engineers… Like most people I am sure, we were shocked when we heard the staggering statistic that 1 in 3 people cannot see the world clearly, but excited that TEAMS could help do something about it.”

Paul Hatch, TEAMS Chicago Partner.

Low Cost + Low Tech= Gamechanger

We saw the need for an extremely intuitive device to give self-diagnosis of eyesight. One that would be cost-effective for NGOs to distribute among developing countries, working with existing social-culture structures and not requiring cultural change for its success.

Because many of these people are unaware they need vision correction, awareness is a major part of this issue. The ClickCheck provides a quick and convenient screening that can be easily shareable among individuals, families and communities - propagating awareness wherever it goes.

Intuition Driving Innovation

Based on the concept of a kaleidoscope and an old-fashioned camera, its tube-like shape transforms a complicated eye exam into an intuitive experience, and evokes curiosity “to see.”


The user peers into the device and sees a small eye chart that comes into focus by rotating the dial. The number on the side indicates the strength of glasses they need, giving them the essential piece of information to order glasses.


“Designing for truly unmet needs of people is rewarding by itself. With Essilor, we meet this challenge with an easy-to-use device that helps improve billions of people’s eyesight – a clearer vision for their future.”

Andreas Bell, TEAMS Chicago President

Reinvent the Industry

TEAMS found its breakthrough with the Essilor ClickCheck by starting with the needs of the user instead of starting with existing technology. It reinvents how eyesight is tested by using an entirely novel method of measurement and offers excellent user experience, making a complex function instantly learnable and intuitive.


The ClickCheck was designed to integrate into communities and gradually bring awareness and vision to its people. With its help, these 2.7 billion people can have a chance at finding their place in their communities, combatting the extremely complex issue of vision with a refined, inviting and pleasant solution. There are no loose appendages that strap to the user's face, no strange measurement tools, just a simple form.

The ClickCheck was awarded an IDEA 2020 in the categories Medical & Healthcare, and Social Impact Design.
Projects like this are clear evidence of how design and innovation can push boundaries and improve people’s lives.

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