Ensuring Life Safety

Dräger Pac® Series

Portable Gas Detectors

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The Dräger Pac® series is the new generation of fast, accurate, reliable and easy-to-use single gas detectors. We worked in collaboration with Dräger to develop the Pac® series, a resource-friendly solution, unique in the area of single-gas detectors.

Greater Safety in Fast-Reaction Situations

People working with dangerous substances have many challenges. In order to simplify those challenges, together with Dräger, we created a gas detector family made of small, robust and ergonomic single devices.

A unique feature of the series is its modular housing design. The Dräger Pac® series contains long range-color coding to give the end-user an intuitive understanding of the type of gas sensors installed, and thus minimize the risk of dangerous mix-ups. The Dräger Pac® series contains an increased display size for better readability.

The Dräger Pac® was designed with maximum safety in mind. All sensors are exclusively developed by Dräger, ensuring high quality and measurement performance. An exchangeable dust and water filter protect each sensor. It is possible to continue using all peripheral devices of the previous version with the new generation of Pac®. Additionally, the products are reusable, in case of a sensor malfunction.

For more detailed info about the Dräger Pac® series, visit Dräger website.

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