Interactive Learning
through Edutainment


Learning can be fun. And when it’s fun, we often learn faster. That’s the philosophy behind the Edutainment series that we designed for NXP.

Lisa Weller, an interaction designer at TEAMS explains, “Edutainment is a combination of education and entertainment. It’s a method that’s both interactive and fun, and as a result – offers a more intuitive and productive learning experience.”

Tapping into this growing segment, companies can build and utilize Edutainment for selling services, or explaining their expertise or technology.

So how does Edutainment work?

Edutainment is an emerging method that utilizes graphics, text, audio, and videos – and often other forms of animation to draw the user in closer to the educational topic. The content is presented in an interactive or game-related style, sometimes even with real objects or toys.

By bringing our multi-disciplinary team of interface designers, user experience researchers, and strategists together, we developed an interactive security game for NXP that helps users speed their learning process. Through these unique game-like sessions, users can ramp up quickly and learn key insights of a given topic at a rapid pace. This experience has the additional added effect of creating a higher value of understanding beyond just the facts themselves.

"Through these unique game-like sessions, users can ramp up quickly and learn key insights of a given topic at a rapid pace."

Edutainment is also used to give entry-level workers an easy gateway into complex organizational topics, making sure that they feel entertained and addressed without getting lost in the details.

Sounds familiar? Well that’s probably because Edutainment is a process that already has been used in scientific centers and children’s museums for years. Remember when you learned about the history of dinosaurs as a child through an interactive museum display and could still recount the information months later?

Our team is adept at finding creative and useful ways to help a variety of users learn quickly through the development of Edutainment concepts. To learn more, please get in contact with our team.

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