Dremel Ultra-Saw

The Cordless Revolution

Big Challenges

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Dremel power tools have always showcased innovation and versatility, making them the ideal choice for users around the globe.

Dremel brought TEAMS the design challenge of developing a powerful cutoff saw to fit many different hands, this time with a new kind of power source. In order to expand and revitalize their product range, Dremel saw their next step in letting their users take their product further, getting closer to creative outlets and further from electrical ones.

Cordless Flexibility

A cordless revolution is in full swing in shops, studios, and maker spaces. Cordless tools enable the creative community to push their ideas and adopt an even more flexible way of working. To create a higher level of functionality to corded tools, independent battery power and connectivity is the name of the game. Our long history and expertise with the power tool industry allow us to support Dremel in the effort of shaping a cohesive family of new products – all designed with a diverse user group in mind.

Elevating Design

Planning strategy for the cordless revolution starts with knowing what makes a product strong. Drawing inspiration from Dremel’s growing portfolio of digital fabrication, “cutting the cord” becomes an invitation to highlight other technological developments in product engineering, drawing the eye to innovation across product lines.

Visual brand language is elevated and highlighted with design elements, such as the flowing lines from the front to the back of the tool. These attributes underscore the combined power of the blade and the battery into tangible artifacts.

Research Driving Innovation

Designing versatility requires challenging boundaries. The agile execution of this project involved frequent co-creation workshops paired with UX testing in the field. Together with Dremel, we shaped each product according to need and consumer desires. Imagining versatility inspires us to make a product that allows the users to work without a sense of limitations.


With the human-centered and strategic design expertise that TEAMS offers, Dremel is able to ensure that their next wave of products is elevated and innovative while maintaining their signature elements of precision and ergonomics. Cutting the cord is one of many ways we are elevating design in a changing world, shaping lives with the tools we trust.

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