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Dremel DigiLab

Innovative Solutions for Laser Engraver Software Design

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Building off the success of their 3D printers, Dremel is expanding their makerspace into laser engraving. Working with Full Spectrum Laser (FSL), Dremel was able to license the use of their Muse laser engraver line.

The goal was to truly make the engraver line theirs - not simply a fresh coat of paint and logo, but Dremel sought to put their own spin on the software and user flow as well.

Rebuilding the User Flow

Our first step was revamping the entire user flow of the original Muse software. It was important that the software was easy for a new inexperienced user, but robust enough for a more seasoned "Maker."

The goal of the software was to release information in stages. On start-up, the user has a blank artboard and is able to open a previous file, start a new file, and import from the camera. The menu bar reflects this, and only has "Import" option available. This method of revealing options in stages is carried throughout the user flow.

An Engraving Software With the New Dremel Appearance

Along with an entirely overhauled user flow, the software was given the Dremel brand look and feel.

Blue anchors the DigiLab products to the Dremel and engineering heritage. Color accents provide energy and vibrancy, balancing the scientific connotations with artistic expression.

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